ilona the pest

insecurity + narcissism = awesome!

Monday, June 25, 2007

cat song

starring daniel tiger as the cat on the computer:

composed & performed (entirely a cappella) by ilona the pest & pud.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

cat scratch fever

one of my kittens -- the black one, known of late as "bat boy" -- scratched me a little this morning, and the scratches are now kind of swollen in a weird way. when i told a friend about this, she responded by telling a story about a friend of a friend who got cat scratch fever. i hadn't really heard of that before (other than as a song title), but now i'm pretty much convinced that's what i have.


mixed signals

there's this guy that i used to date for like 2 seconds, and we just got back in touch. he's been complaining to me about his girl problems, and i must confess i took a certain morbid delight in hearing that he is apparently now experiencing some of the same frustration & confusion that i experienced when we were hanging out before. i thought it was just an obnoxious guy thing, but apparently it's genderless.

i was too busy gloating at the truly beautiful symmetry of the universe to give him proper advice, so i want to step up now. as i have learned from my rather brief dating career, if someone you like is sending you mixed signals, they either:

- 1. don't like you but are afraid of hurting your feelings by making it clear

- 2. aren't sure if they like you and are stringing you along til they figure it out

- 3. don't like you but are stringing you along til something better comes along

or, the fantasy that we all cling to - 4. they actually do like you but they're just weird, or very busy, or some other complicated explanation.

all you need to understand is, it's not number 4.

Monday, June 18, 2007

helpless women

i really liked this article by naomi wolf that ran in The Washington Post this weekend, about our current obsession with the travails of paris (jail), lindsay (drugs, rehab), britney (rehab), nicole (drugs, eating disorder), etc. her thesis is that as opportunities for women expand, we simultaneously retreat from the intimidating possibilities of women's strength by focusing on images of young, fragile women falling apart.

this helps explain why i, for one, am seriously considering a subscription to US Weekly.

high school

i went to my 10-year high school reunion this weekend. it was kind of boring. hardly anyone went, so i mostly just hung out all night with the few people that i'm still friends with.

don't the rest of you people have any sense of nostalgia, or at least curiosity? i mean, don't get me wrong, i hated high school (actually, all of K-12). but still, i like to find out what happened to people i used to know and haven't seen in forever.

oh well. it wasn't even all that interesting to see the people who did show up, 'cause no one has changed that much, and we're all still pretty much kids. maybe the 20th will be better.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

boob jobs

i wrote a way-too-long comment in my friend jk's blog earlier, so i thought i should copy it over here and let all my hard work see the light of day. he was asking the question, do all girls consider and/or talk to their friends about the idea of getting boob jobs?

my response (slightly edited):

i'll bet that every small-breasted girl has at least thought about it. but whether it would enter the realm of consideration (or conversation) depends on her politics, self-respect, insecurity, aesthetics, experiences (affirmation vs. humiliation), etc.

for instance, i'm sure i would be a typical candidate physically (32A), but my politics (feminism) and aesthetics (indie/hipster) and personal desire to maintain my self-esteem au naturel preclude it from being something i'd either consider or even admit to considering. fakies just look make a girl look like she's trying so hard, which is way uncool.

in my personal experience, the reactions of others have ranged from appreciative (even fetishizing), to neutral, to negative (although that's mostly just limited to the mean boys in my 6th-grade class who i'll hate til my dying day), so they pretty much cancel one another out -- leaving me to rely mostly on politics and aesthetics to prop up my commitment to my unenhanced form.

but who knows, maybe when i'm old i'll become less cute and more insecure and that will tip the balance. it's a lot easier to proclaim your allegiance to the feminist battle against the unrealistic, unfair physical standards that make women everywhere hate themselves when you happen to be young & thin & relatively cute already.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i love an east-coast summer thunderstorm.

pop punk

i was recently in SF for a few days, and spent one of those days stuck in bed/on the couch with some kind of stomach ailment. someone wrote a song about it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

a/c, scratch

it's supposed to get wicked hot tomorrow, and i absolutely hate being hot & sweaty while sleeping, so tonight i bought a window air conditioner from some guy on craigslist. my friend ACC helped me carry it down from the dude's 6th-floor (!) walk-up, into a taxi, and up to my 3rd-floor walk-up. it's nice to have good friends. :) in return, i'm taking him out to see spiderman 3 in imax.

also: daniel tiger jumped up onto my leg this evening and slid down it partway, claws extended. he made a nice gash in my thigh, through my pants. this cat will climb anything.