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Thursday, September 07, 2006

rookie baseball

last night i went to a brooklyn cyclones baseball game (well, games, really - a double-header). they're in the rookie league, or something like that, which is apparently the lowest of the low in the minor leagues. but the stadium was adorable and new and clean, and the fans were very enthusiastic and friendly. we won the first game and got absolutely creamed in the second. (sorry, i just prefer using the empathetic "we". it feels more supportive.)

me and my companions spent a lot of the game hanging out with two of the team's mascots, some kind of birds (seagulls, maybe?) named sandy and pee-wee.

pee-wee is the one in front with the propeller beanie. he was totally flirting with me. i'm not kidding. he threw me a t-shirt (when they were doing one of many many t-shirt tossing promotional game things). then later he came back around and was all, "did you get the t-shirt i threw you?" and then he was like, "call me." well, they don't speak, but he mimed it. i'm telling you, he was into me. it was very entertaining. but then i had to practically sneak out of the stadium at the end to avoid any awkward scenes like if he actually tried to ask for my phone number or something. these are the perils of avian romance.


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    Thanks for the blog. Sounds like a cool night. We actually follow our minor league team. Class A. Low A and High A. You can be really cute when you want. Take it easy and keep posting.

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