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Monday, August 28, 2006


i went to my first-ever bachelorette party this past weekend. it was pretty tame, though, and i was still pretty sick so i was kind of in a daze the whole time. it was more like a slumber party, but that was fine by me. i think slumber parties are way overdue for a comeback.

most surprisingly fun activity of the weekend: playing the napoleon dynamite board game.

Napoleon Dynamite Game

it's kind of like pictionary. you choose two random animal cards, and you have to draw the combination animal so that your teammates can name each of the component animals before the timer runs out. it's a lot more fun than it sounds. we kept on drawing animals and guessing them way after we finished the moving-around-the-board part of the game.

i had the bad luck to draw the combination of a cat and a wolverine. a cat is easy, but a wolverine? do you know what a wolverine looks like? i tried to draw the guy from the x-men, but even that didn't work out. oh well.

i was, however, able to impress my friends with the trivia fact (which i just recently learned) that a liger

is in fact a real animal, like a mule. who knew?


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