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Thursday, September 07, 2006

settling in

it's been a busy week. my job is interesting and challenging and i like my co-workers. it's fun to feel useful - i feel much more motivated when working than i ever did in law school. but i'm sure that, y'know, the grass is always greener, and i'll be missing all that free time and learning before too long.

my internet connection at home has been down all week, but i just fixed it tonight, which makes me absurdly happy. now i can finally get back to playing on-line scrabble, and posting here, and IM'ing, etc. my new fancy phone has email, but it's not the same. i didn't realize just how addicted i am to constant internet access during my waking hours. the world sure changes fast.

i've had a packed social schedule this week. apparently i know a lot more people in NY than i realized. i have more friends here than in SF. :) all week i've been busy and tired, which is fun. but tonight i'm staying in, which is also a nice change.


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