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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

new phone + new hair color

this past weekend i got a new phone, 'cause i had dropped my old phone about a hundred times and it was super-way-past dead - i had to squeeze it in a death-grip just to make the microphone work. so i needed a new phone, and i figured it probably was a good idea to take this opportunity to upgrade to one of those fancy little "pocket PCs" that lets you check email and surf the web too (since i'm going to be re-entering the work force, and traveling a lot, and reading & writing lots of important emails). i got a verizon xv6700, which is basically like a treo but, um, has a bigger screen and a slide-out keyboard instead of the keyboard just hanging out on the front. (thanks to evhead for tipping me off to this phone.)

it's been really fun playing with all the features, including the camera phone! i've never had a camera phone before. actually i've never had any kind of digital camera before, so it's that much more novel and exciting to me.

to inaugurate the camera phone, i thought i'd post some pictures that i took today. background: i've been taking lots of ridiculous/vanity/indulgence study breaks lately to soothe my fevered brain: haircut last week, phone shopping, other shopping, and then - here's the relevant part - i got my hair professionally colored today. i love it! i basically gave the colorist lady free rein - i just said i wanted it to look interesting, and hip, and fun, as kind of a last hurrah before i get sucked into the working world for good. my haircut before last week was super-asymmetrical, but now it's more evened out. i guess that in the hair world asymmetrical==fun, so she made a valiant effort to restore the asymmetricality by putting a bunch of blond highlights on the right side of my head and black highlights (ok, "lowlights") on the left side of my head. and she made it a little darker all over.

so i took these pictures to illustrate the dichotomy. first is the blonde-highlighted side - see, it's all sweetness and light:

and then the dark side - gloomy and goth-o-riffic:

i am endlessly creative when it comes to avoiding studying.


  • At 12:09 PM, Blogger jk said…

    1. i swear. you are going to have to change this into: "post-mclaren fashionista lawyer with punk attitude."
    2. i'm glad you got a camera phone. more pics for the blog.
    3. but i bet you could've gotten your job to pay for one. but at least you get to keep this one forever.

  • At 12:48 PM, Blogger ilona said…

    1. okay okay! jeez. i changed it (or tried to - it doesn't seem to be showing up yet). i am so un-punk i don't even know who or what "mclaren" is.

    2. yeah!

    3. i don't think so - they're pretty poor and thus stingy. does your firm pay for that kind of thing?

  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger jk said…

    1. just to be extra snotty, i was going to make my "2"--"mclaren as in malcolm. the sex pistols. look it up." but decided not to.
    2. we just had a revolt and my work paid for them (b/c the bosses have them). but before that we had these really busted free kyocera ones.


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