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Saturday, July 15, 2006

updates: sorbet, fashion validation

(1) i hit the jackpot on the second batch of sorbet. it was AMAZING. totally gourmet. my absolute favorite dessert, when i go to a fancy restaurant, is a yummy citrus sorbet, perfectly fruity and tangy and with an interesting, crumbly, soft texture. batch #2 was exactly my dream sorbet. i made it with 2 cups of juice, consisting of 2 grapefruits + 1 orange, and about 2/3 cup of "simple syrup" (made of equal parts water & sugar). amazing. i loved it because it was so delicious, and also 'cause it was such an amazing deal - i gladly shell out $6 or $8 at a fancy restaurant for a tiny scoop of this stuff, but i can make a giant tub of it at home for the price of two grapefruits. i really love a good deal.

(2) yesterday i got my hair cut at the ultra-hipster, expensive salon that i go to. well, the patrons aren't all hipsters, but the ladies who work there are intimidatingly fashionable. i wore my new dark blue "habitual" jeans, which are my new favorite jeans. (they are in danger of becoming my new every-single-day jeans. but i love them so much, i can't help it. hm, that's sort of a pun on the name of the brand. oh well.) and not one, but TWO of the uber-hip employees complimented me on them. needless to say, that put me in an excellent mood for the rest of the day. vanity is a powerful intoxicant.


  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I used to be able to get gourmet sorbet from a company in texas called out of a flower. One of their finest was a grapefruit-basil sorbet.
    I always like a good chocolate sorbet because it makes such a good complement to almost any fruit sorbet and especially grapefruit or lemon.

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger jk said…

    you're going to have to change your bio on the right from "punk rock lawyer" to "punk rock lawyer with $200 jeans a $100 haircut."


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