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Monday, July 10, 2006

seattle update

someone just posted a comment asking for a seattle update, so here you go. the whole weekend was super fun and relaxing. hanging out with the ex was really fun and not awkward at all. we wandered around the city, visited the pike place market and watched fishmongers toss real dead fish back and forth to each other, ending up by hitting a woman in the audience in the head with a (stuffed) fish. hilarity. then we had dinner in the rotating restaurant on top of the space needle, which was lovely. the ex even declared my boyfriend to be her long-lost twin brother - so i guess they had plenty in common after all.

the most fun thing was wandering around the rock n roll museum/sci fi museum/experience music project (where we jammed on keyboard and guitar). the classic moment was when we got in a little fight, and i disappeared when his back was turned to go off and pout and teach him a lesson (i know, so mature). then when i finally started looking for him, i found him in a little drumming studio soloing like a total rock star, with a big crowd of people gathering around the door and taking pictures because he's basically the best drummer you've ever heard. jerk. :)


  • At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i wish i had been sent some of those pictures we took all over seattle. i think i was supposed to also be sent some from a mansion of somekind...
    hope things are going well for you back east.


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