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Thursday, July 06, 2006

buckling down

okay, for real, i'm starting to buckle down. i literally did NO studying over the long weekend, other than scoring my practice test on friday evening. it was awesome.

but now i'm realizing that the test is less than three weeks away, so it's time to get serious. i think it'll be okay - i've always been a crammer, rather than one for long, drawn-out studying. and it usually works out for me.

i just started taking some practice NY multiple choice questions, which are absolute murder. i hear they're pretty hard for everyone, but it's quite a sobering reality check. on the upside, though, getting scores of 40% is definitely motivating me to get to work learning those "NY distinctions"! so fun.

my goodness this is boring. i promise that from now on, i'm really going to try to post about subjects other than studying for the bar. really. it's just that most of the time lately my brain is focused on either studying or something entirely mindless, like watching reality shows on MTV or VH1. (have you seen that new show "cheyenne"? it's mostly annoying, but a little bit endearing. i like how in the show she's less beautiful than she looks in her video - she has some zits, kind of a funny shaped nose, and she's a little dorky. that makes me like her more.)


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