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Friday, October 06, 2006

furniture stores in NY

i need to buy a dresser this weekend. any suggestions for where i should look? i know ikea would be relatively cheap and have cute stuff, but i'd be a little worried about the quality (especially for something with drawers).

also, how long does it usually take for stores to deliver a big piece of furniture?

this car-less city really takes some getting used to.


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    hey ilona-
    if you want company, i am also in the market for furnishings (a dining table and a sofa)...i thought of ikea, too, but going to jersey seems like such a pain. there's one opening up in brooklyn, but i don't know when.

    as far as delivery goes, sometimes dealers can ship stuff on the same day depending on the time of the week. one place told me they could do it in less than a week. OR you could call one of those man-with-a-van dudes to pick you and your dresser up. i need to research if there is a furniture district. y'know how some city blocks have only diamond stores or lamp stores? something like that but with dressers or sofas.--acc

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