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Sunday, June 18, 2006

complaining about the bar #1

i'm like law-nerd barbie: "studying for the bar is hard!" actually, it's not so much difficult as it is boring as fuck. i am really bad at making myself do boring things. the exam is still five-and-a-half weeks away, so it still doesn't quite feel real. . . although i'm starting to feel the pressure, a little bit, since everyone i know is pretty much studying more than i am. i really need to stop enjoying my summer and get down to business. but the subjects - ugh. it's all the subjects i hated in law school (the first-year ancient "common law" subjects, like torts and property) plus lots of boring (to me) subjects that i never even took, like corporations and "secured transactions" (what does that even mean??) and "agency and partnership" (ditto).

actually, come to think of it, most law school classes are boring, even the ones i thought i would like. the only classes that really held my attention were sexy constitutional law classes. and i'm not even doing that well on the constititutional law practice questions! i am so fucked. no, don't get too worried, dear reader - i am historically really good at taking standardized tests, and at writing essays, and at cramming like crazy in the last couple of weeks. so i'm pretty sure it'll turn out fine.

plus i have five-and-a-half weeks. i'm going to turn over a new leaf, starting today! (but i say that every day.)


  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger jk said…

    you don't have to start studying hardcore until after july 4th. make flash cards either based on the lecture notes or conviser mini. if you are reviewing both then you are wasting your time. you don't have to do any practice essays to pass either nor performance tests. (i didn't. i'm not saying it's the way to go, i'm just saying you don't have to.) then if there are questions in the MBE practices that aren't covered in your flashcards go over it in the big outline. don't stress out. i was still getting less than half of my MBEs a week before the exam.


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