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Thursday, June 15, 2006

mundane #1

my ambitions were great, but of course i'll start off with the mundane. so i got my ears pierced last weekend. it's a little strange that i waited til now to get them pierced, since i've had a lip ring since i was eighteen. the thing is that i did get my ears pierced - twice, in fact - in my early teen years, but both times i tried to change the earrings too soon, they got infected, and i ultimately let them grow in both times after about a month.

so i've now (re-)entered the ranks of adult femininity! this is part of a bigger plan - see the list of my ambitions, below - to "learn how to accessorize." earrings are really cute. i want the option of wearing them. unfortunately, for the next couple of months i'm stuck wearing the piercing-shop hardcore "bead ring" style in both earlobes, until they heal. (and i'm going to let these babies heal up good this time before i change them, believe you me.) not exactly uber-feminine or a la mode. in fact, they seem almost masculine to me, oddly, probably because they remind me of gay boys i've known who've had these same earrings.

but they're not healing very quickly. this is probably why i had problems with my previous ear-piercing episodes. maybe i have poor circulation or something. (i don't remember any problems like this with my lip piercing, but lips/mouths are probably extra-fast at healing.) the earlobes hurt when i touch them, and the whole ear (especially the left one) often feels hot all over - it seems like a sure sign of something not-right. so i've been very careful to follow my after-care instructions. mainly, i've been soaking them several times daily in a sea-salt solution, which is very awkward and a big pain in the ass. (or rather, literally, a pain in the neck. sorry. ugh, i'm turning into my father.)


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